TUNAWEZA offers young people with disabilities after their graduation from school or from the age of 14 if a school visit was not possible, the chance to widen their social and true-to-life abilities and to gain vocational skills. The priority is for them to achieve the highest possible degree in self-sufficiency and self-determination.

Batik workshop ! Under this department, youngsters with disabilities learn on how to stamp Wax and participate into Batik Production. Different Batiks are produced and they are used in hand porches or bags. Others are used to sew Aprons, women wrapping cloth or Picnic/Outing cloth. Blue Elephant Batik is more popular and differentiates us with others. Those who progress well get a chance to share the Profit.

Sewing room ! Tailoring is one of our Backbones. The Youngsters are trained on how to use the Sewing machines and produce colorful dresses, shirts, Aprons, Toys, different sizes of bags and other items for sale

Board and Parents Meeting ! Four times a year the board meets and parents meet. The third Friday of each December we do conduct Annual general meeting whereby all parents, Students, Staff and members come together for evaluation of all activities have been implemented in a year, to plan and approve the budget in the coming year, to discuss the narrative and financial reports of the activities implemented, Share the experiences and of course have the party by drinking non-alcoholic beverages, eat food together and dance!


So if you are in a position to make any form of donation we would be very grateful.

Local: CRDB BANK NYANZA BRANCH: Name- Tunaweza. Acc N0. 01J 101 6790 800

Germany: Kontoinhaber: Mwanza.e.V, Verwendungszweck 2:Tunaweza

IBAN: DE31 7905 0000 0043 0217 99 Sparkasse Mainfranken. Swift Code: BYLADEM 1SWU


If you would be interested in holding a fundraising event to support the work of our organisation, then we would welcome your initiative.

Please contact us using the form below and we can provide you with ideas, support and the materials to make your fundraisig possible.


We welcome volunteers to our projects, so if you are interested, please get in touch with us. Volunteering is a hugely important way in how you can help the COMMUNITY- there is no better way to see the valuable work that our staff and grassroots social workers undertake. Volunteering is a hugely rewarding personal experience and helps us in that it creates a life-long ambassador for our cause

Paper workshop ! In this department Youngsters with disabilities learn on how to recycle papers from fresh leaves like bamboo stem, maize and onion leaves, Papyrus and from waste papers. The final products from this department is production of lovely different design of cards and Calendars

Jewelry manufacturing!This department deals with design and production of all ornaments and other bead materials like Key holders, Necklaces, Bangle wire with beads earrings, Chains, Necklaces and Fridge magnetic ornaments.

Social, life and sign language kills ! Hence some of our trainees are deaf, we once a week do provide Tanzanian Sign language class for free. Parents and everybody who wants to widen his or her skills in sign language in order to communicate with deaf people as well as other community member are invited to join the Class. They also learn other social and life skills like how to use public transport e.t.c

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